Ten tips to pick the perfect bridal shoes

Aruna Seth, bridal shoe designer, shares her expertise with brides-to-be on choosing faultless bridal shoes for the big-day.


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Aruna Seth, bridal shoe designer, shares her expertise with brides-to-be on choosing faultless bridal shoes for the big-day. Her shoes are handmade in Northern Italy from the finest materials, embellishments and Swarovski crystals. The beautiful designs hold a special secret for wedding days and contain a plush leather cushioned padding giving cashmere-like comfort to feet. Seth travels the world searching for the best ribbons, satins and leathers to adorn each shoe. The shoe range consists of over 40 pairs of ballerinas, boots, Swarovski inspired evening shoes and office shoes. The brand is stocked in Harrods shoe boudoir and over 50 stockists worldwide. Pricing ranges from several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars.
Celebrities such as Kate Hudson, Olivia Munn, Pippa Middleton have all been spotted wearing Aruna Seth designs. Aruna Seth shoes were famously worn by Pippa Middleton with her iconic green Temperley dress on the day of the royal wedding.  Aruna regularly travels to Hollywood and has appeared on E! News. Royalty have also been spotted in the shoes from Princess Beatrice and Eugenie wearing them to various family affairs. Aruna Seth is constantly hosting trunk-shows around the globe and her most recent visits included Hong Kong, Singapore, New York and New Delhi. Other A-list stars wearing her designs include Katherine Jenkins, Goldie Hawn and Vanessa Mae

Seth has shoes in her blood — her father is a self-made man and has built up an international footwear company. Geoff Seth rode the fitness boom of the 1980s, with the worlds sporting elite wearing the Ascot pro-white trainer and using Ascot squash rackets. His footwear empire is internationally renowned, with offices in China, Russia, India and Italy.

Seth’s background in shoes, previous investment banking experience and studies at London College of Fashion all contributed her creating the Aruna Seth brand.

Aruna Seth’s 10 tips to picking wedding shoes:

  1. Comfort is key. Because a wedding day endures hours standing upright on your feet, from walking down the aisle, posing for photo-graphs and first dance. Wedding shoes should be functional and practical helping you smile all day to your guests. Ask yourself if you can walk in your shoes? Will your shoes be comfy all day? Practice walking in your shoes before the big-day to break them in.
  2. Choose shoes you love. A need for feet to be ultra comfortable all day doesn’t mean jeopardising on style. Choose wedding shoes you’ll love and treasure for years to come. Unlike your wedding dress, if you pick the right shoe they can be worn again for further occasions. You want to feel beautiful and sexy on your wedding day, a good pair of shoes is the best pick-me-up even on a normal day. Don’t fret over following fashion trends, if you pick a classic style they will stand the test of time in the wedding photo-album for years to come.
  3. Be organized. Shoes are as important as the wedding dress and many brides neglect giving shoes priority. Often brides focus purely on the wedding dress and leave shoes till last.  Brides are left to make hasty rushed last minute decisions that may destroy the harmony of the dress. Choose your shoes around the same time as your wedding dress, for one you’ll need to bring them to fittings because shoe heights determine the length of the dress. Of course, I’d say shoes are the most important feature of the wedding because I love and design shoes. Matching shoes look neater and it’s better not to be disappointed if a designer is unable to supply you with a shoe you’ve fallen in love with due to a short-time frame.
  4. Pick the right heel-height. Stiletto loving brides may need to compromise on heel-heights, consider if your husband will be embarrassed at the altar or wedding pictures if you are towering above him. Choose a heel height your comfortable with. If you normally wear kitten heels stay with this height, a sudden desire to start tottering around in six-inch heels just because it’s a special day may back-fire.
  5. Theme your shoes. Brides-to-be love to theme weddings so involve shoes in the theme too. Many brides call us to request our beautiful Farfalla butterfly shoes and brooches fitting in-line with their hearted butterfly themed weddings.  If you have a flair for style and themes, make sure every single detail is flawless. Match your embellishments up, a sparkly dress, coloured jewels or pearl features can all find a beautiful shoe counterpart so feet match with the wedding theme.
  6. Collaborate with your dress. Work with your wedding dress to find the perfect shoe.  Use material swatches to compare your dress and shoes. Pick a shoe colour matching your wedding dress colour: a pristine white dress goes best with white or a pale pearl colour and an off-white gown, goes best with pearl or ivory-coloured bridal shoes. If your dress is long, shoes with embellishments or spike heels may damage the fabric.  If your dress is short then shoes are on display, a bit of fancy sparkle on your shoe may be more important.
  7. Treat your feet. Remember to schedule a lovely pedicure before your big day. Slip your feet into your gorgeous wedding shoes with soft skin, neat cuticles and glossy painted nails. Pedicures instantly make you feel relaxed, refreshed and special. You’ll impress your new husband with smooth-skin and of course may entice him into giving you a foot massage to on your first night of marriage.
  8. Be a shoe-aholic. I’m a big believer in buying all the pairs of shoes you love to save you from making a tough decision. Why not spoil yourself with a big-shoe budget before your wedding. If you are a self-confessed shoe-aholic, your big-day is a perfect time to need new shoes; flashy shoes for your hen-do, heels for the big-day, flat ballerinas for partying at the reception, sandals for the exotic honey-moon, the list is endless. A wedding gives a shoe lover reasons aplenty to stock up your shoe collection, hoard those beautiful shoes ladies, a good shoe may last longer than a husband.
  9. Choose shoes compatible with your wedding surroundings and pick shoes suitable for your wedding venue. For example wedges and flats are best for garden weddings to save yourself from muddy heels. Flat sandals are best for beach weddings and certain (usually historic) venues forbid high-heeled shoes for fear of flooring being damaged.  There are a wide range of bridal shoes available to suit different wedding environments for example a winter wedding can be complemented by white glamorous snow-boots.
  10. Follow a new bridal shoe tradition. We are in love with a new ritual which seems to have evolved in wedding world, “bridesmaids buying brides” their wedding shoes.  Bridesmaids are making appointments with us on behalf the special bride and purchasing shoes as a wedding present. Drop this new tradition into conversation with your bridesmaids, or cleverly ask them to read this article for tips on how they can contribute to your wedding.

For more information on Aruna Seth’s shoes visit www.arunaseth.com.